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Eva Vortex
Me, Eva Vortex and SimoneEva Vortex is someone you don't forget meeting - but maybe not for the reasons you expect. Clearly she is a very sexy individual, with remarkable assets (that's one way of describing them!) and a dress code that would even embarrass the bouncers of most fetish clubs, preferring latex, lycra and leather corsets and catsuits to cotton chemises, silky slips or wooly waistcoats. She strikes a commanding figure (not least as I've never seen her in less than 5-inch heels) and when she walks into a room, people notice her.

Eva Vortex in Latex CatsuitA quick web-search will reveal that Eva is both a transexual porn star and is available as a mistress to anyone with enough money.

Eva's AssetsBut none of that is what makes her special. If you take the time to talk to her you soon realise that beneath that sizzling dominatrix exterior there lies a regular, down-to-earth, friendly girl who is really easy to talk to. I suspect that many folks (boy, girl, tranny or any other kind) would feel scared to approach her (most men are afraid of good looking girls), however they would be missing out. Eva was a regular attendee at Trans-MISSION in London, and would often come and give me a hug and a kiss and tell me how much she was enjoying herself. And she did enjoy herself too, doing regular stuff like dancing and chatting with the other girls.

And if you're wondering whether her 'assets' are real, I can categorically confirm, with 100% certainty, that they are. If you meet Ms. Vortex in person, just ask her to find out for yourself - she will usually be happy to oblige!
Note: From my experience, it's a generally misconceived fallacy that girls of whatever gender who star in, or appear in, adult web-sites spend all their time doing 'adult' things. For the vast majority of time, such people live normal, everyday lives. It's only when the camera comes out (or in certain cases where a gentleman's wallet comes out) that they transmogrify into the 'bury me in a Y-shaped coffin' über-godesses of the underwear underworld.

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