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Miss Renee
Parklife Oh, come on! Give the rest of us a chance...! Renée was one of the first T*Girls whose web-site I came across in my early days and she looked like a goddess - the kind of person that doesn't exist in real life! When I finally met Renée, I was bowled over.
Christmas 2001 Not only is she just as attractive in the flesh, but she is a warm and friendly person. Meeting a heroine like that is a wonderful experience, even more so when they live up to (or even exceed) your expectations.

Renée is extremely stylish and sophisticated and also great fun to go out with. She is probably the most womanly T*Girl that I have had the pleasure to meet! I plugged her for some style tips but she claims to only have a few outfits and says she has no idea how to put them together...

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